Vanguard Energy Partners, LLC is a national solar design-build firm that specializes in commercial, industrial and utility-scale projects. Some of Vanguard’s most notable projects include the highest solar array in the world, one of the largest rooftop arrays in North America, the first commercial net zero electric facility in the United States and the largest array in New Jersey built by a public utility.

The Vanguard team will manage every aspect of your project from conceptual layout to financial planning and engineering through construction. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your array meets the intended production and is maintained properly throughout the years. Client satisfaction is our top priority.

Vanguard’s proven expertise is built upon our team’s extensive experiences in the renewable energy market. Combined, we have decades worth of construction, project management, and engineering experience in the industry. The in-house knowledge from monitoring and maintaining a complex assortment of solar PV configurations constructed by a number of different installers has provided Vanguard a continuous loop of design-build-operate improvements that we apply each time we consider a new project.


We partner with our clients to deliver renewable energy solutions that contribute to a more sustainable, equitable, and cleaner future.


Above everything else, Vanguard is committed to the safety of every person. Every level of our organization is engaged in our safety culture.


We are honest,
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responsible in our
everyday lives.


Our collaborative efforts provide our customers with quality service, to ensure that…Together Everyone Achieves More.


We embrace change and strive to continually evolve for the benefit of our team and our customers.


We achieve
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When Vanguard designs solar arrays, we utilize historical weather data to create an average amount of the sun’s irradiance in every month of the year. We use the weather data averages to determine a “targeted” amount of energy production from your specific array. Each year, the actual amount of irradiance produced by the sun in any given month is not exactly the same amount of irradiance from that month in the year before or the year before that. Weather patterns fluctuate year in and year out, month to month. Since we know the amount of sun fluctuates year to year, we expect that the amount of energy produced by your array will fluctuate as well. We utilize three terms to explain your array’s production:

Targeted Production is the amount of AC electricity (kWh) calculated based on historical irradiance data that was utilized in designing your array. This is calculated utilizing industry- standard programs PVWatt and/or PVSyst.

Expected Production is the Targeted Production adjusted for the actual amount of irradiance that the solar panels received from the sun on any given day. We can never expect the system to produce more than how much the sun’s rays actually hit each solar panel.

Actual Production is the amount of AC electricity (kWh) produced by the system as collected by your meter.

More than just solar solutions

Solar combined with energy storage systems provide backup power, building resiliency into your business plan.