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Operations and maintenance services is only half of the Vanguard value proposition. Monetization of the solar production is the other key component to your solar investment. That is why asset management compliments operation and maintenance. Vanguard starts by providing their customers with PJM’s Generation Attribute Tracking/GATS account management. This includes registering the assets in GATS once the system owner receives permission to operate from the local utility. Additionally, once production has commenced, Vanguard will enter the system’s generation on a monthly basis. Aside from daily monitoring (Premium Package), the account management function not only allows for SREC’s to be minted, but acts as a secondary monitoring solution.

Because Vanguard trades SREC’s for its own account in addition to other customers, we receive “volume pricing”. This means that we trade large volume at higher prices than an individual system owner giving you maximum return on your investment. Moreover, Vanguard is in constant contact with brokers and buyers enabling us to have a pulse on the market. Furthermore, by allowing Vanguard to manage your GATS reporting and SREC trading, it gives system owners more time to focus on their core competencies.


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